About Info

I’ll be using this site as a place to showcase my cosplay, art, and other such creative things. Mostly, Cosplay! Recently, I have been obsessing over the game League of Legends, and the characters are my main focus for cosplay, atm. They are all fun and have unique clothing/armor. I want to make ’em all. xD

I will be trying to make them at a speedy pace and post them here when they are done! :] If anyone has suggestions for who/what I should cosplay next, I would love to hear it. Just leave a comment, email me, or vote on the various polls that will be around, as I complete new costumes.



  1. Josh aka Arbyz said,

    how about a little about yourself?

  2. BubblyWubCuddles said,

    Hey! Was curious what your LoL username is? it would be sweet to play a few games with you!

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