Costume updates!!

04/15/2012 at 2:16 pm (Convention Updates, Costume Updates)

Hey! So now that I have recovered from pax, it’s time to start planning for Otakon 🙂
In terms of LoL cosplay, I have no idea what I want to do next. But! For Otakon, my friend Kari and I are going to be panty and stocking (the anime angel ones and the police one) so this will likely delay anything LoL related for a bit. Not to worry though! Right after that, I want to get right back into league because there are just soooo many skins I want to make >__< royal guard Fiora is a very good possibility. Also an Ahri skin (probably the Korean dress one with the little socks xD) and maybeh the new years Sona! But I also want to make a riven ( undecided) and the bitter sweet Lulu @__@ gaaaah, so many choices!! Maybe I will do another forum poll or something 😦 I dunno, but be on the look out for Stocking from PSG!
As always, post suggestions questions and comments!


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