On my way home from pax!

04/09/2012 at 4:13 am (Convention Updates, Costume Updates)

Pax was much fun! Lots of costumes free stuff and good times had 🙂 I forgot to take pictures of my costume so I’ll update a page as I find some of myself online xD I was Ironscale Shyvanna and my boyfriend was my dragon form lol





  1. Lee Nixon said,

    kawaii ne on the shyvana.

  2. Ohngesicht said,

    ahhh, so that was you I saw 😛

  3. MOBA Cosplay said,

    Man that armor looks amazing. I would be so happy to have a picture of you in your Shyvana cosplay for the first real entry! I’ll add you to the author list if you send me like a paragraph about yourself (links to the League forum if you wish as well) and a picture that I can use to represent your posts. At the moment I’m screening for trolls so I don’t have the multiple author thing enabled. Initially I will copy/paste whatever the writers send me directly into the site. I will try my best to moderate trolling (if any) in the comments!

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