WordPress iPhone app, yay!

03/31/2012 at 1:54 pm (Miscellaneous)

Haha just a random note, I got the wordpress app so I will probably update a lot more. Also I got a mini promotion at work, So full time hours and bit more pay means I can costume more n_n may not be all league, but there are a ton of skins I really want to make still ;_; the down side is, with full-time hours comes less free time. So I’ll be a bit more able to afford to make things, but they will be completes a little slower than I used to make em. Being a adult sucks xD as always feel free to donate, it is tax season!!!! (shameless promotion!) 😀 then I can spend less time on my side job and sew/craft more bwahaha!
Annnyyway, back to work


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03/31/2012 at 2:14 am (Convention Updates, Costume Updates)

PAX is almost here! It’s close enough to reveal the costume!!
Be on the look out for DUN DUN DUn….


It’s sooo close to done, but still much work to be ready in time! lookin’ good so far :3
See y’all there!

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