PAX was fantastic!!!

03/14/2011 at 2:59 pm (Convention Updates, Costume Updates, Miscellaneous)

SO! I just got back from PAX East, and it was greaaaaaatttttt!!!! Had SO much fun! I wore my French Maid Nidalee both days I was there, and got sooo many picture request, lol. I didn’t really take any of my own pictures, so I am hoping to just find some of them floating around the internets.
I entered both the Riot cosplay contest, and the costume madness 3v3 tournament. I got 3rd place in the Cosplay contest, behind a crazy Morgana with giant moving wings (note to self: my morgy’s wings must also move) and a fantastic Singed! he had the bottle and the sheild! both were really good :] There was a lot of other great costumes there too. LoL was probably THE most cosplayed thing at PAX! I get some more RP for placing third, I couldn’t quite hear how much, but meh! I just like’d to be in it~
In the 3v3 tourny (btw, I don’t ever play 3s lol) my team placed second πŸ˜€ we won a nice mouse and a packet of game stuff with logos and stickers and things xD They took plenty of pictures of me making terrible faces hahah. I do like the “WTF? NOO” face I am making in the one pic in the Riot gallery hahah. My team was me, Uncle Ryze, and Nottingham Ezreal πŸ˜›
Got beat by the oh so awesome Sona, Morgana, and LeBlanc (their costumes not characters they played!) Team Triple Kill, if you didn’t read the Riot post. Grats to them again, btw!
soooo ya. Great PAX was great!

On future costumes!
they will go back to regular production soon I am hoping. I am exhausted atm, and going to another convention, Zenkaikon, next weekend x.x so after that I will probably have the energy to get back to work
That’s it for now, I haven’t slept in 24+ hours aside from a nap hear and there, so if this is a big run on sentance, I appologize! XD I try to correct the red squigglies, but I may not click the right words hahaha!
I lied!!! one more thing~
Nice to meet all the people I did meet at PAX! took lots of pictures with people, and a lot of “hey, is you that chick on the forum with the costumes?” haha. So, I am sure I met at least some of you reading this!!!!
kk bai fo rlz



  1. DustySkull said,

    as i thought you were gonna use nid’s costume XD
    well i can see that one morg being the first one
    but singed eh i dont know you should have been the second at least
    anyways , saw the riot pics xD you looked nice there πŸ˜€
    and there is a youtube video u were in it too xD

    on a side note πŸ˜›
    do you extra pax jax code that i can haz “meow” ^_^

  2. loler said,

    Do you know Team Triple kill’s igns? I got a crush on them!

    • Takeezi said,

      haha yeah i was wondering too, being the regular creeper πŸ™‚ sona was very good looking!

  3. quartercircle said,

    links to the pictures riot had of you in costume? πŸ™‚

    • DustySkull said,

      just go left and right u will see her

  4. Arbyz said,

    SO COOL! i knew i saw you there! lol. i was like whaaaaaaat? lol then i seen the pics on the website at RIOT i was like OMG! lol so cool! im happy for you!!!!!!!

  5. Gutsia said,

    I saw some pics on LoL Facebook page, and your costume was one of the bests. You look like Nidalee ! : )

    Now I want to go to the next PAX, but… It’s very expensive !
    (I live in the French Riviera, so Marseille/Boston…)

    Btw, you’re really good at the creation of costumes, really really good.

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