Sorry for the lack of…anything! xD

03/03/2011 at 12:19 am (Convention Updates, Costume Updates, Miscellaneous)

Still alive xD

I have been extra poor lately, so productions has come to a screeching halt >_<; I get paid next Friday, so hopefully I can buy the rest of what I need and finish up Morg, Lux, and Sona! Who to work on after them? Maybeh Eve, and probably Janna<3 as always, if you have a suggestion, post it!
Silly bills, and my tax return is slooooooowwww and small Dx
Pax is super close too! so that may delay me a bit hahaha



  1. DustySkull said,

    i always wanted nightblade irelia >.>

  2. Anonymous said,

    Take your time. This is afterall, a hobby of yours. No need to feel rushed or obligated to finish in a certain time frame. I think I speak for a lot of people when I say that we enjoy your work and passion ^^. Keep up the great work and I look forward to your future projects!

    P.S. Wanted to go to PAX East, but I don’t think I have enough time to make reservations and clear my schedule for those days 😦

  3. AJ said,

    Oooo PAX. Fellow LoL players unite! haha. And hmm suggestions for new costumes…I’d say Stinger Akali or Sakura Karma

  4. KP said,

    Have faith in you Mayu!

  5. Bootes said,

    If you go 4 evelynn, do tango eve!
    also i could say your costumes are great but since i’m not gay i just say you look hot!

    keep it on

  6. Jacob said,

    You can do it!

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