Happy 1 day late Valentines day!!

02/15/2011 at 6:43 am (Costume Updates, Miscellaneous)

So I made a quick Red card Kat to celebrate!!
I couldn’t find/acquire a red wig, so I ghetto shopped the hair red :]
Sorry it’s kinda lame xD
I’ll add some of the blonde ones too I guess.
Still working on Morgana! Not much free time lately :]


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02/04/2011 at 1:47 am (Convention Updates, Miscellaneous)

Go watch my friend’s stream!
He streams us playing sometimes, so, you can watch me and laugh~ xD

Anyway: Riot will be at Pax East! so, I think ill definitely be going now, I will try to be there at least Saturday, me thinks. So, if you are going I might see you there!! Dunno which costume to wear, maybeh Ill put a poll up somewhere on it? Meh! I’ll worry about it later~

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So, about being productive..

02/03/2011 at 1:55 am (Convention Updates, Costume Updates)

waaaaaaaah, sorry I’m taking sooo long! I stopped working on Morg so I could clean the pit that I call my room. It’s terrible, and needs to be cleaned so I have a proper work space xD So, that should be done in a day or so, then I’ll try to finish up Morgy 😀 The wings are not cooperating, so they may take a while, but I’ll post pictures of the finished clothes at least soon. When the wings are done I’ll take some good pictures 😀 I have a nice kitchen in mind for the background! I also need to make the burned cookies out of something that isn’t, well, cookies! xD;;
She will be done sooooon!! I swear, haha~

Also!!! I am Pre-registered for Zenkaikon (http://www.zenkaikon.com/index.php) It’s a little convention near(ish) to Philadelphia, PA~ If your going let me know! 😀 And I’m trying to go to PAX east! but that is not confirmed yet ;o;

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