What’s next~

01/26/2011 at 6:25 pm (Costume Updates, Miscellaneous)

Okay so, I am working mostly on Morgana next, the sinful succulence skin.
The wings, are going to delay this costume much longer than the others. So, I will be working on a few at the same time. I think Janna (basic skin), Lux (spellthief), and/or maybeh another. I could also do muse Sona. I can’t choose! xD

*shamless advertisement*
Ima also point out that I has a donation button hiding in the corner on the left~ I hate to mooch, but if you have a few dollars laying around I wouldn’t complain ;3 I only use the donations for costume supplies. I’ll be taking the money out of the paypal account only after I buy what I need, so I know what I spent :]
Costumes usually run me about 30-40$ per for the cloth stuff, and other 20-30$ for a wig x.x though I have some wigs already. Morgana’s wings are going to be a heavy hit to my wallet xD
so that’s it for that~

I will keep updating as things get done ;3 If you have a strong suggestion for anyone in particular, just leave a comment.



  1. Josh aka Arbyz said,

    I get a nice HUGE bonus as well as Tax refund next month, so i will be making a nice donation next month. I love cosplay and i love LoL…..so you are like my hero haha!

  2. OneFromLoL said,


    I followed your works for some days now, and I like it. I’m going to donate 50€ this evening.

    greetings from europe

  3. Shyogun said,

    Nice Pics!

    There you go, have some bucks 😉

  4. ClanTG Simmons said,

    can i/we expect any nude pics for an appropiate donation?

  5. styr13 said,

    I would love to see spellthief Lux.

  6. Josh aka Arbyz said,

    i want to see Irelia! Just her normal outfit. It’s pretty awesome.

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