LaBlanc, finished! finally lol

01/25/2011 at 9:02 am (Costume Updates)

It’s done!!! took me long enough x.x
That staff was a pain in the butt, and it still looks kinda lame, but I like it for now xD sorry for the lame background, I dont have access to a good one atm. I’ll find a stage or something for future pictures. anyway here it is!!
the one picture where it looks like I have only one crazy eye is from my bangs, it’s not fail photoshop lol. I left it cause it shows the whole costume well, just a funky Picasso face o.O the blue hair is bad photoshop, for the lols. My wig is bad and tangled and I didn’t wanna mess with it. My apologies for being lazy. >__<



  1. DustySkull said,

    oh god teh staff
    how do u say its lame , no shit its awesome
    and yea finally u finshed it πŸ˜›
    i liked the 3rd and 5th pics i think that because the angle maybe?
    anyways great job and keep it up πŸ˜€

    • DustySkull said,

      i meant exactly (LB4 and LB1)

  2. Josh said,

    Not lame ya. It’s pretty awesome!! I was most worried about the hat but it turned out. i give it a B+ not professional but very very good! Whats next?

  3. Sasorix said,

    you look great! staff is not lame at all and dont worry about the background, we were not lookin for “lablanc, and her awesome background” just lablanc πŸ™‚ which you pulled off beautifully. πŸ˜€ good job.

  4. Jacob said,

    It turned out quite nicely. Staff I assumed would be hard as hell to make but the end result is as close as someone could get to Leblanc without making themselves purple. You’re really good at this =P

  5. Hobbitx said,

    Really a good job. Looks great.

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