What’s next~

01/26/2011 at 6:25 pm (Costume Updates, Miscellaneous)

Okay so, I am working mostly on Morgana next, the sinful succulence skin.
The wings, are going to delay this costume much longer than the others. So, I will be working on a few at the same time. I think Janna (basic skin), Lux (spellthief), and/or maybeh another. I could also do muse Sona. I can’t choose! xD

*shamless advertisement*
Ima also point out that I has a donation button hiding in the corner on the left~ I hate to mooch, but if you have a few dollars laying around I wouldn’t complain ;3 I only use the donations for costume supplies. I’ll be taking the money out of the paypal account only after I buy what I need, so I know what I spent :]
Costumes usually run me about 30-40$ per for the cloth stuff, and other 20-30$ for a wig x.x though I have some wigs already. Morgana’s wings are going to be a heavy hit to my wallet xD
so that’s it for that~

I will keep updating as things get done ;3 If you have a strong suggestion for anyone in particular, just leave a comment.


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LaBlanc, finished! finally lol

01/25/2011 at 9:02 am (Costume Updates)

It’s done!!! took me long enough x.x
That staff was a pain in the butt, and it still looks kinda lame, but I like it for now xD sorry for the lame background, I dont have access to a good one atm. I’ll find a stage or something for future pictures. anyway here it is!!
the one picture where it looks like I have only one crazy eye is from my bangs, it’s not fail photoshop lol. I left it cause it shows the whole costume well, just a funky Picasso face o.O the blue hair is bad photoshop, for the lols. My wig is bad and tangled and I didn’t wanna mess with it. My apologies for being lazy. >__<

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LeBlanc, almost done!!

01/23/2011 at 5:34 am (Costume Updates)

Okay! I have been really slow on this one. xD
She is super close to done, I just need to finish the hat, staff (I have all the stuff for it now), and the sockthings/shoes.
I expect to have proper pictures of the finished costume in the next day or so. Any suggestions on a background? @__@

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Cosplay Plans

01/21/2011 at 12:09 am (Costume Updates)

Okay! I am working on yet another League of Legends cosplay, LeBlanc the deceiver. It’s just about done~ The prestigous leblanc skin is one of my favorites, and it won popular vote on a poll I had up on the LoL forums. I should be able to finish the clothing part + the hat, but the staff is giving me problems. My funds for cosplay are dwindling too, so it (the staff only) may have to go on hold >__<;

I’ll update here when it’s ready! It will also get it own page once I have the pictures up~

After LeBlanc, I will be doing “Sinful Succulence” Morgana. I have the cloth for that already<3 The wings may give me some trouble though, like leBlanc’s staff Dx It should be one of the most fun, though! 😀
LeBlanc Morgana

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First post, yay!

01/20/2011 at 8:14 pm (Miscellaneous)

Hey, everyone!

I’ll be using this site as a place to showcase my cosplay, art, and other such creative things. Mostly cosplay! Recently, I have been obsessing over the game League of Legends, and the characters are my main focus for cosplay, atm. They are all fun and have unique clothing/armor. I want to make ’em all. xD

I will be trying to make them at a speedy pace and post them here when they are done! :] If anyone has suggestions for who/what I should cosplay next, I would love to hear it. Just leave a comment, email me, or vote on the various polls that will be around, as I complete new costumes.

PS, this is also my “about” page xD

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